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"Kruz Media," with a non-existent but advertised web address of "YourWolfCountry.com", and a radio station SUPPOSEDLY based out of Frederick, Maryland is phony... a totally fictional place.

This place does not exist. The address they provide is apparently a house. Daniel uses automated answering systems (such as those rentable for $39.95 a month from angel.com) to convince people that they have actually reached a legitimate business.

"Wolf Country Online", "Hook FM", "Kiss on Air", "Eastern School of Broadcasting", "EXCEL ADVERTISING" and "SOUND SOURCE" are all some of the many business pseudonyms under which this guy operates!

Here is the guy - the picture is a little old


The "owner" is a young man who calls himself "Jason Carr", "Danny Rizzo", "Dan Kruz", "Daniel Chase", "Daniel Alexander", "Daniel Rizzo", "Dan Alexander", "Nathan Sterling", "AJ Williams", "Adam Jacob Williams", "Adam Lewis", "Adam Jared ", "AJ Chapman", "Jason Everett", "Zack Taylor", "Brian McCoy", "Brian Wess", "Brian Night" and "Brian Ness" and claims many spectacular credits; all of which are false. His real name is "Daniel Snook" and he has stolen millions of dollars from many people, myself included. I personally have lost close to $10,000 to him, not to mention $25,000 in labor. His criminal record includes arrests in Delaware, Seattle, and Florida for fraud, using stolen credit cards, and much more. In my own case, he crossed the line and went into identity theft; opening accounts in my business' name and directing people to send the bill to me for limousine services, fancy hotels, makeup artists, computers, and an unbelievable array of stuff. I believe he has absolutely no conscience, and sees what he is doing as a game.

To the left is Daniel Snook (a.k.a. "Jason Carr", "Daniel Kruz", "Daniel Alexander", "Daniel Rizzo", "Dan Alexander", "Nathan Sterling", "AJ Williams", "Adam Jacob Williams", "Adam Lewis", "Adam Jared ", "AJ Chapman", a.k.a. "Jason Everett", a.k.a. "Steve Wilder", a.k.a. "Zack Taylor", a.k.a. "Brian Wess", a.k.a. "Brian McCoy", a.k.a. "Brian Night", a.k.a. "Brian Ness").

His email addresses are dannyrizzo84@gmail.com, dchase@worldviewtravel.com, contact@chaseworldoftravel.com, dankruz84@gmail.com, nycdan84@gmail.com, dan@djdrizzo.com, energyboi@hotmail.com, nathan.sterling76@gmail.com, alewis@febc.org, aj@hookfm.com, aj@wolfcountryonline.com, aj@kissonair.com, jeverett@kissonair.com, jeverett@radio.fm, brianonair@hotmail.com, brian@logotv.com, brian.night@myactv.net, daniel.snook@myactv.net, brian@logotv.com

At the request of the registrar, we have removed his personal address and phone number from this site. If you need that information, however, please phone me directly and I will provide it post-haste.

Daniel's uncle, Gregory Snook, is the former President of the County Commissioners Office for Washington County, Maryland. Here is that group's website: http://www.washco-md.net/commissioners/bios.htm

An open letter to Daniel Snook:

Daniel, I understand that you are lobbying to have this website removed. I will remove it, but only after you have restored to me everything you have stolen from me and the other people who have contacted me with similar grievances. That includes, in my case, everything you have charged to my credit cards, every purchase you have made to every account that you opened in my name and without my authorization. I also expect for you to stop all further attacks of every type, and I expect an apology from you for the dreadful thing that you have done.

Linda C. Uranga-Norton

If you would like to speak with me to verify the truth of my statement, or if you would like a list of other people that Daniel has defrauded and their contact information, I invite you to phone me at 888-872-6428 ext. 707.

Linda C. Uranga-Norton, President
Urangatang Web Design - www.urangatang.com
888-872-6428 ext. 707