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Daniel Snook... by hook or by crook
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I Was The One Facing Jail Time

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PostPosted: Thu May 11, 2006 4:05 am    Post subject: I Was The One Facing Jail Time Reply with quote

Well lets see where to begin, First of all my name is Chris. I met Daniel, who told me his name was "Brian Wess" through a website called myspace.com. Well he asked me out and I thought to myself well free dinner and a movie... sure why not. Well when I went out with him that night, he told me about how he was a raido dj for staions all up and down the East Coast and that he is known every where in the states of New York, PA, Maryland, and DC. Well knowing me I believed him. I never knew somebody that knew celebrities and go to all these award shows that he was telling me about. Well at this point, my parents didnt know about me.

"Brian" and I met up on a second date where he took me shopping. I only had 200 to sepnd and to think that it was on gift cards. Well anyways, A few days later he asked me if i wanted to make it permant. Well of corse I said yes. A few of my old friends met him and they loved him. But remember at this point in time my parents still didnt know about me so seeing him was going to be a problem. During the time from November 30 through December 24th, i lied to my parents inorder to see him. I would say that I was going over to a friends house and we were just going to hang out. Well I ended up in Hagerstown to see him. Now I am a good kid, I have not done anything wrong. For Christmas, he gave me a Skagen watch (which we dont know if it was stolen or not) and a check for $1500.

Well, when I was out in Cali. visiting my Aunt and Uncle I had found out that he was out there (more about that here in a minute). Well, my Aunt took me to Bank of America where the check was from to try and cash it. Well when I went in there they told me that the account had been closed. Well when I found that out, I called him immediately and told him. His excuse was that his accountant put the wrong account number on the check. My Aunt told me the whole time that he was lying to me and I wish i would have listend to her because deep down in my heart i guess i believed he was lying but you know how love affects you. It will make you believe anything. Well anyways, I came out to my parents while I was in Cali. because he had invited me to go to New York for New Years Eve because he was working a radio station and the MTV New Years Eve Party that night. Well I am glad I didnt go because I had fun with my Aunt and Uncle. I actually recently found out that he wasnt even out there while I was out there. In fact he was still in Hagerstown cheating on me.

Well anyways.. He would start making up excuses saying that he was too busy or that he was tired. Well he told me that he got a promotion for this new sitcom that was going to be on Showtime called "It's All About Ethan." I was all happy because he was going up in the world. I mean he was 22 and hes doing all this. He told me that he had to go to Paris for meetings for the sitcom.

Well he came back early and he saw me and my parents (my parents actually had suspicions of him since day one but i didn't listen to them or anybody else.)

Well I had a good job at Charles Town Races & Slots in the Terrace Dining Room as a host. I was making good money. Well, He told me he was going to get me a job with CBS Corp. as part of the promotions team where i would go to all these concerts and promote the raido station. He gave me a $600 check as a bonus for starting and took me to Buyers Stop and Go to cash it (this will not be my last time with Buyers). Well as of this huge job opportunity, i put my 2 weeks in at the track to pursue this.

Well he and I was supposed to go to FL January 27-30 to go to Disney World because i have never been there. Well he wrote me out a check for $2200 and took me to Buyers to cash it. I told him that we should just go to a regular bank and he said no because there was no banks on the road that we were going to go on. So being as stupid as I was, I went in there. The owner asked for my ID he made a copy of the check and my ID, while he was trying to get a hold of the bank, he was calling the cops. He told me that the check was no good i took my ID and the check and left. I had told "Brian" this and he called them up and told them that the check was good. The owner said that it was a big misunderstanding and to come on back to the store. So we went back and when I got there "Brian" wen t to go get gas. When I walked into the store, They had a cop there waiting for me.

I will post the rest of my story later. My hands are cramping up on me haha.
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