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Daniel Snook... by hook or by crook
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Daniel files for 'Peace Order' against Linda Norton

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PostPosted: Sun Jun 18, 2006 5:52 pm    Post subject: Daniel files for "peace order" against Linda Norto Reply with quote

On June 8, 2006, Daniel Snook filed for a peace order against Linda Norton.

The peace order hearing was June 16, 2006 -Hagerstown, MD
Plaintiff: Daniel Snook
Defendant: Linda Norton

I attended this hearing as a witness and support for Linda.

Daniel stated to the judge that he is requesting this peace order because " Linda had contacted his job fives times requesting that he be fired" (I believe that Linda only contacted Cracker Barrel once, and I contacted Cracker Barrel once, to inform them of who Daniel Snook is. At no time was a request made to have him fired. If there were 5 times, then three other people contacted them). Daniel also stated that Linda has contacted his church on numerous occasions and he has been banned from his church. He continued to say that Linda has posted a website and bulletin board where most of the information is false, he added- Some is true.

The judge asked "Why is Linda doing this?"
Daniel -"She says I'm a Con Artist"
Judge- "What harm has this caused you?
Daniel- "I'm on probation at my job pending further investigation"
Judge-What about the witness?
Daniel - "She too has sent letters to my home and to my mother and also contacted my job"
Note: Two letters requesting payment of "bogus" check and past wages from "bogus" company were sent at the request of Virginia magistrate. The letter to his mother was information on her son-which by the way Carol (Daniel's mother) stated that she never received on two seperate occasions. And yet Daniel stated under oath - "AND ONE LETTER TO MY MOTHER"

The judge asked to hear from Linda. Linda stated a few facts about Daniel and the judge interrupted and stated

"This request is dismissed"

Upon exiting the courtroom, Carol Slemmer (Daniel's mother) approached Linda asking to speak to Linda. Carol started the conversation by stating- "You call yourself a Christian and yet you do this to my son. We are working to straigten all this out and he has a right to work"
Linda very calmly and matter of factly told Carol that her son has done a great deal of damage to many people. Carol, the distraught mother, continued to press Linda on her faith. At that point I felt I needed to step in and state that Linda's Christian Faith is not the issue- the damage her son has done to many people is the issue. I then pulled Daniel into the conversation by confronting him with the harm he has done to everyone and that he still owes us over $580 dollars. His mother fired back- "we payed you off" - my reply - Daniel owed $1980 and I only receved $1400- that leaves $580. I again confronted Daniel with all the harm he has done and the 'bogus" companies he ran. Daniel's reply -"you can't prove anything". I stated that the FBI has requested documentation on him-again he stated - "they can't prove anything". I reminded Daniel that someone can prove something since he has been arrested several times this year with the most current complaint against him being filed on June 11, 2006. This caught his mother's interest and she questioned me as to what this was for . (Which I don't know).

Carol's comments on Linda's Christian Faith and Carol's obvious "in denial" demeanor , began to just create a conversation that was going nowhere. Carol, refused to listen or acknowledge anything about Daniel. Nor did Daniel. Neither one stated or showed any remorse for Daniel's wrongdoings or the effects this has had on "Daniel's victims". I requested that Linda leave the coversation. Carol, visibly upset with Linda, was whisked away by Daniel who stated, "this coversation has ended". I believe Daniel had concern that his mother may hear information on him that she has not heard before. Again, Daniel's way of creating another "victim. How sad it is that it is his own mother. I understand the trauma that Daniel has put his mother under.

Daniel and his actions are the reason for his being put on probation from his job.
Daniel and his actions are the reason he has been arrested several times and has at least 15 charges against him.
Daniel and his actions are the reason this website and bulletin board have been posted.

I support this website and bulletin board and will continue to support Linda, as well as anyone and everyone victimized by Daniel. I support and will continue to assist every agency and law enforcement official who continues to seek justice for the crimes that Daniel has committed
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PostPosted: Mon Jun 19, 2006 6:44 pm    Post subject: Unbelievable!!! Reply with quote

As I am reading this post, I am getting more infuriated about this little creep. He has serious issues. According to his mother, he suffers from delusional disorder and that means he believes his own lies. I think she has the same disorder....
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