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Daniel Snook... by hook or by crook
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"Brian" gets involved in my TV show and business

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PostPosted: Mon Feb 27, 2006 5:22 pm    Post subject: "Brian" gets involved in my company's TV show and Reply with quote

Around March 16, I signed an agreement with the Comcast office in Naples, Florida to produce and run a television show, by and about my company, on Channel 80 out of Naples. I was nervous about how to create a TV show, and during one of the many conversations with "Brian" (he phoned a lot), I mentioned it to him. He started getting very excited and said that I had to let him help. I was more than happy to receive help, especially from a professional who had produced TV shows in the past -- which is what "Brian" claimed to be.

"Brian" immediately started running with the project, putting together ideas for the contents of the show, the audio and video elements required (which my Urangatang developers created and which I paid for in either cash or bartered work), the credits, and everything imaginable. I was relieved because I didn't even know what I needed to know in order to start pulling together a television show. "Brian" was amazingly fast at everything he did; he sent me numerous emails, left me dozens of voice mail messages with directions on doing this and doing that. I was drowning in a sea of to-do lists and "Brian" offered to offload the travel arrangements. I believed he was a good person, being the owner of a Christian radio station, offering to go out of his way to help us with the TV show ….church play, and the TV show, and taking me to the Gospel Music Awards ceremony…. and, as a result, I trusted him. I gave him two credit card numbers to use to book the hotel, airline ticket, and car rental, etc.. The reason I gave him two cards was because one of the cards had a line of credit, which I needed to preserve… a fact that I had not realized when I gave him the first card number. So I gave him the second card number as well so that he used that to book the airline tickets, etc. "Brian" said that he couldn't afford to pay for his own way there, so I offered to take care of the airline ticket and hotel for him as well since he was doing all of the travel for the benefit of my television show. I also gave him an email address at Urangatang (brian.night@urangatang.com); something we do for all members of the Urangatang community; cautioned him to only use it for Urangatang purposes, and told him that Urangatang management monitored its incoming and outgoing email.

"Brian" got in touch with the people at Comcast and started orchestrating everything, redirecting everyone involved so that they believed he was the point of contact and the person in charge.

"Brian" also started doing a number of other things, using two of my credit cards without my express consent. He ordered a monthly online telephone service and put the revolving charge of $39.95 a month on my credit card, ordered business cards for himself from VistaPrint and put a title on there of "Executive Vice President" of Urangatang.

"Brian" also went to the www.dell.com website and asked me whether I had a laptop and pointed out that I would need to have one for the purposes of using it on the show. While I was on the phone with him, he started noodling through the dell.com site and pointing out which one we needed. I told him I didn't have the money, and he said that he could find out right now whether I could qualify for an account with Dell. Understand that he was in Maryland, and I was in New Jersey. He asked me a series of questions about my company, including our Federal ID Number, my Social Security Number, etc. and I provided that information. Apparently while I was providing it, he was entering it in a webpage on the Dell site and he actually opened a credit line in my name, identifying himself as the contact point for the company. Then he ordered 2 laptops, with my knowledge and agreement, one for me, and one for him to use on the TV show. While the laptops were enroute, I got two separate phone calls from Dell, confirming delivery of a laptop to "Brian" at what he claimed was his friend's home address, which was:

10510 Bushwillow Way
Hagerstown, Maryland 21740-3112

Later, I found out that the shipping department had not been confirming it twice; they were filling two separate orders; one placed with my knowledge and consent and the other without.

Just in general, I would like to point out that "Brian" has an extremely persuasive manner and could easily charm the birds right out of the trees. He would call me and keep on the phone for hours while he worked, basically locking up my time and my phone line. He also called me "Mom" and referred to me as his adopted mother. During one of our many phone conversations, he mentioned that his "silent partner" was his father, who was a multi-multi-millionaire, who currently owned 5 radio stations worth at least $62 million, and who, a few years ago, had sold several of his other radio stations for around $60 million.
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